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The flexibility I have experience while traveling In Style is one of a kind. The staff is there to help you accomplish every whim or fancy, and they never make you feel like you have inconvenienced them...

“Today’s travelers are an eclectic crowd. We are however all looking for experiences that enrich our lives. We believe travel must be authentic, detailed, seamless and textured. It should be unpretentious and flow naturally.

Travel can be luxurious but it does not have to be.Travel should above all be memorable and stimulate ones senses.”

Miguel Cunat
Founding Partner

Sample Journeys and Ideas

Click here to view our sample collection of real tailor-made trips prepared for real people who travelled with us.

Why ThailandInStyle?

1. Intimate knowledge of the region.
2. Insider’s access to people and places.
3. Expert local guides.
4. Thoughtful guides, safe drivers.
5. Attention to small details.
6. A passion for service.
7. Experiences that include giving.
8. Focused on a real sense of place.
Travel Planning / Ideas

Holidays in Thailand

Dazzling temples, irresistible beaches, refreshing northern hill locations, rejuvenating spa sanctuaries, frenetic city bedlam!

An irresistible combination of sights, scents, spices and genuinely charming people makes Thailand a wonderful destination for almost anyone.

Hotels & Villas

These are some of our preferred hotels and villas in Thailand.

View our brochure

A small coffee table book full of ideas, insider tips, hotel reviews and clues to make your next trip to Indochina an amazing experience.
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